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CitiSeek Technologies Limited

CitiSeek delivers technology services and accelerates growth for Midsize companies by solving complex business challenges with breakthrough technical innovations. CitiSeek specializes in e-commerce, mobility, cloud technology, digital transformation, business intelligence, data analytic, testing, infrastructure, EAI and ERP solutions. We are among the fastest growing technology firms in India with more than 200 clients and offices in 3 major states of India. We deliver amazing results: Helping millions to keep their home and work-space safe. Improving security and performance for India's largest Govt. Department and its network . Unifying brand messaging and improving engagement for buyers.

For CitiSeek, "Redefining Technology" is more than a slogan - it reflects our approach to every engagement of re-engineering.

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CitiSeek Healthcare Services Private Limited

Through CitiHealth, the CitiSeek Group seeks to be a leading expertise in inVitro and inVivo diagnostics. Backed by years of solid experience in developing innovative and user-friendly products and supported by world class service, CitiHealth is committed to make life easier for the healthcare professionals and help deliver the best possible care to their patients.

Catering to the niche segment of diagnostics in the healthcare industry, our service range is extensive with biomedical equipment, cardiology, radiology, gynaecology and critical care equipments.
Working closely with laboratories, clinicians, and hospital administrators, we create forward-thinking products and solutions that are shaping and transforming diagnostics - improving clinical outcomes and, ultimately, helping improve patient care.

CitiHealth has catapulted itself to being a leading manufacturer of medical equipment across the inVitro and inVivo Diagnostics, Imaging, Intensive Care and Analysing. Our products are 100% compliant with international standards set by bodies like FDA, CE, DCGI and PMDA.

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CitiSeek infosolutions Private Limited

REDOUBT - as the brand name defines - carries business on the entire range of Electronic & Electrical industry that includes manufacturing, commissioning, import-export and maintenance of all types of Electronic & Electrical appliances including Electronic surveillance system, Electronic & Electrical fire & safety equipments, Electronic & Electrical consumer goods & appliances and similar industrial equipments.

The solutions are designed around the entire range of Electronic Security Systems that include Surveillance Systems, Electronic Article Surveillance Systems, Laser Security, Weapon Scanners, Bomb Detectors, Biometric Attendance & Access Control Systems, Electronic Security Alliances for Malls and High-rise Buildings, Consulting, Development and design of all Customized Electronic Security Solutions. It also includes manufacturing, retailing, import and export of electrical appliances such as Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Washing Machines, Television Sets and such electrical appliances in India and elsewhere in the world.

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CitiSeek Infraventures Private Limited

ASTORION (CitiSeek Infraventures Private Limited) was established in early 2014, a flagship of CitiSeek Group of Companies with property development as its main focus.

Today, ASTORION is one of India's leading property developers. We are headquartered in Bangalore. We have a uniquely diverse multi-domain portfolio that covers property development, property management services, real estate development, hospitality and education. Our projects extend across several major cities of India.

We are known to be a professionally managed organisation with a stable and confident business model. We have shown an impressive compounded annual growth rate-even during difficult market and business cycles and in the process of successfully negotiating changing conditions, ASTORION has created a brand name that stands for trust, reliability and innovation, across all our domains.

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CitiSeek Banking & Financial Services (Islamic Banking)

IIFL - Islamic banking and finance house offers an integrated and comprehensive approach to define and present Shariah-compliant loans/funds to customers. Strong product definition features, support for Islamic accounting and complete traceability for audit differentiate our NBFC. Completely self-contained and computerized, it is replete with the accounting backbone to support back office functionalities.

A solution built on the standard technology infrastructure available for conventional banking; the IIFL Islamic banking solution addresses both Islamic banking and international needs. Developed with incisive insight into the Middle East, Far East and European markets, the solution is truly geared to address region-specific Islamic banking requirements.

The IIFL Islamic banking solution offers a flexible and varied feature repertoire to design and deploy products for varying market segments, based on different Islamic concepts including Mudarabah, Murabaha, Ijarah, Istisna and Tawarruq. Our NBFC offers a wide range of possibilities for business or individual users to a vast pool of non-interest banking with innovative features.

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