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Industrial Manufacturing - TUFFLITE

We have developed our own in-house technology to innovate within the foundational blocks of any infrastructural endeavours. Precisely, the bricks - with our cellular lightweight concrete bricks branded as TUFFLITE™.

A good deal of research and development has been undertaken into engineering of these bricks that have already set us apart within the market. A lot of scientific knowledge and know-how has helped us achieve this feat. Today, TUFFLITE™ bricks are being popularly used across a wide range of construction applications.

A Scientific Approach:

These bricks are manufactured by adding millions of micro-sized air bubbles into a cement-based mixture. The addition of millions of air bubbles is achieved by using a proprietary Foam Generator to produce highly stable mixture and injecting the foam directly into a concrete mixture containing sand/cement/fly-ash/water slurry.

The amount of cement, sand (if included), water, fly-ash and foam included in the lightweight cellular concrete mix design depends on the required properties (i.e. strength, thermal conductivity or durability). Also, depending on the required CLC density and variance, an appropriate mixture is selected.

The hardened material consists of small-enclosed air bubbles thereby resulting in a light weight stable cellular material with densities ranging from as low as 300kg/m3 to 1800Kg/m3.


Why TUFFLITE™ Bricks?








Low thermal conductivity

Up to 37 db -42 db sound reduction based on thickness

1/3rd the density of clay bricks

TUFFLITE™ bricks offer great fire protection. With a just 100mm thickness of wall 1000 kg/m3

An engineered block, it can be offered in any thickness as per the construction design

5 times better than clay bricks & 10 times better than RCC

Possible to achieve even higher values depending upon the thickness and the plaster used

Economic design: savings in cement and steel

TUFFLITE™ block offers fire endurance (heat transmission) for 4 hours without releasing any toxic fumes

By using 150 mm thick bricks in place of a 9-inch brick, the customer gets an additional 2% to 3% carpet area

Room temperatures maintained at all seasons

Can fulfill required STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating

Enables faster construction


The savings on account of additional carpet area gained is more than the cost of bricks

Savings in recurring energy costs in air-conditioning


Suitable for low-soil bearing capacity & seismic zones



Ideal material for cold storage rooms


Facilitates construction of unplanned walls anywhere, anytime




TUFFLITE™ Features:

  • Offers economical POP or putty finish in internal partition walls
  • Accurate size and shapes help in reducing plastering costs
  • Better finishing of walls offers good amount of reduction in paints.
  • Eco-friendly
  • Speedier Constructions
  • Ease of Workability
  • Universal Acceptability


You can also download the technical specification sheet here to know more about TUFFLITE™ bricks.

Alternately, please let us know your requirement here.