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Wireless Communication Solutions

CITISEEK's WISP & Point-to- Point Product based on portable embedded Linux based software platform suited to implement highly functional, secure and manageable wired and wireless IP networking devices: HotSpot access points, access controllers, enterprise access points, fixed 802.11abg wireless network elements, base stations and customer premise equipment (CPE) and high performance, secure point to point or point to multi point wireless bridges. In remote or sparsely populated areas, deploying licensed wireless infrastructure is shaky at best.

Point-To-Point Wireless Solution

A long-range and all-weather wireless system, CITISEEK's wireless solutions are the most robust and cost-effective on the market. Spanning distances of up to 100 km and more at data rate up to 300 Mbps. Our solutions provide high speed data rates, Voice over IP and Video Surveillance capability, all with license-exempt and no monthly operating costs.

CITISEEK's Multipoint broadband solution

CITISEEK can help you meet your mission-critical networking needs. The CITISEEK license-exempt wireless system is simply the most cost-effective solution for meeting the demands of customers located in highly dense or even sparsely populated locations. The solution delivers unparalleled reliability and faster deployment and also transcends physical and geographical boundaries.




CITISEEK Wi-Fi Solution

CITISEEK Wi-Fi offers Wi-Fi accessories and infrastructure solutions to partners throughout India. Focusing solely on 802.11 products, Advance Business Solutions provides, integrates and supplies Wi-Fi components based on the unique requirements of every client.

Our goal is to provide partners with custom Wi-Fi solutions that address every aspect of wireless LAN deployment in the enterprise. CITISEEK's unrivalled wireless networking knowledge and comprehensive line of leading-edge products means our partners receive complete solutions needed to deploy, manage and secure a wireless network. Focusing on best-of-breed Wi-Fi technologies and specialty wireless LAN accessories.



CITISEEK Mission Critical Solution

Oftentimes, organizations are being challenged to install network in areas that are physically hard to reach, or too expensive to reach via traditional leased lines or fibre. To meet the needs of such organizations, CITISEEK's BTS and CPE provides the operator with flexibility to grow as required.


CITISEEK Solution for Multiple Application

CITISEEK's license-exempt wireless system is simply the most cost-effective solution for meeting the demands of customers located in remote locations. Specially in remote or thinly populated areas, deploying wire line or licensed wireless infrastructure is shaky at best. CITISEEK's Wireless system is geared to handle heavy peak traffic loads, enabling quick and cost-effective deployment of additional base stations for handling excess traffic.