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Construction and Management

Construction & Project Management has a wide variety of roles to play during the construction process. Construction project gives benefits to the Customer / Client in terms of satisfaction and it consists of business development, profit, resources utilization, etc. Because of this consultancy plays a multifaceted part in the construction project, and is usually involved in the project from the project’s inception to its completion. It is important to fully understand Project Management Consultancy and authority. Doing so ensures that the Consultancy can be fully maximized on each construction project. Normally the job is managed by the Project Manager and supervised by the Construction Manager, and allied team of design engineer, construction engineer or project architect. Efficiency in Management is needed to gain a higher level in competitiveness. Every construction project is different i.e. unique, every construction project demands the full attention, professionalism and energy of its project team, every construction project depends upon an experienced leader to make it happen. The construction industry in India has grown very fast with the construction of new projects. Due to the rapid expansion in the construction industry, the services provided by the Consultancy need to be improved in terms of performance and quality of work to meet the construction project goals and objective and also the clients satisfaction. CITISEEK highlights the research of dealing the Mega Industrial Projects by PMC through their role and responsibility during project life cycle from Project Initiation Phase and A/E Selection - Schematic Design Phase- Design Development Phase-Construction Documents Phase-Bidding and Award Phase-Construction Phase -Closeout. In all phases CITISEEK's PMC advisors manage the project by various services like Scheduling, Cost budgeting, Value engineering, Risk Identifying, Monitoring & controlling, Time line optimization, Resources Allocations, etc.